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Engagement Party Guest List

Hi Everyone!

My parents and my fiance's parents are throwing us an engagement party (yay!) and I have some questions concerning the guest list. We are only inviting close family, the bridal party, and a handful of close friends.

I have a very large family, (my father has 9 brothers and sisters who have kids, and then their kids have kids) so I had only planned on inviting aunts & uncles, no cousins. This makes me sad, but if I don't invite the cousins it will end up being the size of my wedding.  My guest list is currently at 45 people.

My fiance's family is much smaller, if he does not include cousins it is around 25-30 people. He wants to invite his cousins, and while I understand that his family is much smaller I can't help but be afraid that if my family gets word that these people are cousins, they are going to talk and get angry...

I don't want to be the one to invite nearly double what he has and look like a bridezilla, but I am afraid of what might happen.

Any advice?

Thank You! Smile

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