Just Engaged and Proposals

10 years together, FINALLY engaged!!

On our 10 year anniversary, I had come home from a long day at work and opened the door to a bouquet of red roses.  David suggested a walk around a park to de-stress.  Thinking that it would be a local park, I left my ID and cell phone at home.  However, he did remind me to bring my camera knowing that I love to experiment with photography on our walks.  It was when we were pulling onto the highway before I realized we maybe going a fair distance. David assured me that we were going to stop at a few different parks to change up the pace.  I thought it was a very sweet gesture for our anniversary. 

David drove us into our childhood town and we pulled up to a very familiar field. Way back when, we had our own secret place that overlooked the beaches.  I loved it there.  It reminded me of all our stolen moments when we were so young. At first I did not recognize the area, but soon the familiar view had me rushing back to old memories.

Well, I went completely snap happy with my camera and its INSANE 80x zoom (pictures below leading up to seconds before the proposal).  We did some people watching and even spotted a wild fox! Then, David pointed out a couple walking by the beach.  I looked through my lens and zoomed.  I chuckled.  "Honey, that's not a couple,"  David coughed but I was still looking through my camera display. " those are two guys walking with their arms crossed. Haha."

"Uh, well I wonder if that guy is going to ask the other guy the same question I'm going to ask you..."


I turned around and David was already on one knee, the ring in an open box in his hands. He was blushing and looked so nervous. Honestly, it was all a blur.  My jaw dropped and I put a hand over my mouth.  I was in so much shock. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.   I managed to let out a "yes" and as he slipped the ring onto my finger, it quickly became a "yes! yes! Yes! YES!" The breeze was soft, the view was gorgeous, and we just stood there, literally tête-à-tête listening to the sound of the beach.

~~ ------------------------------------------ ~~

Shortly thereafter, as we emerged from Our Secret Place, David stopped a passing bicyclist and asked him to take our photo.  The bicyclist congratulated us and took our first photo as a newly engaged couple!  He also offered us our first words of advice.  "Y'should start lookin' into baby seats for that Mustang, eh?"


Before heading home, we stopped by our old high school for a photo of where we started.  10 years ago, this was where the journey began.  On the drive home, I was kicking myself for not bringing my cell phone to call everybody. I was DYING with anticipation. But it was a lovely ride home anyway because we held hands all the way there~

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