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  • I definitely second the vote to visit Shane Co.  My husband bought my ring there, and we both returned for our bands.  They don't work on commission so they aren't obnoxious when you walk in the door, and they even helped my husband plan the proposal.
    Huge selection, so so nice. Good luck with whatever you choose!   She'll love it since it came from you!
  • Everything the people said before is good but just a couple of tips to customize it to your bride.  On color, DEF is colorles but the GHI are almost colorless and I really can't tell the difference. I can, however tell the difference on my friend's hand versus mine.  Her J color ring looks white on her but yellow on me (im super pale, she looks like she came from an island)  If she's super pale, stick to G-I ranges.  If you are buying platinum, stick to G-I ranges. If you are buying gold and if she is olive skinned, a J or a K may look very white on her. 
    Cut is very important.  My fiance bought me a weird emerald cut which is only one facet off from an ascher...very sparkly - especially considering its an emerald cut.
    If you are getting a princess cut or a emerald cut, pay more attention to the clarity, the setting means you will see the diamond more. If you are getting a round or other diamond shape, the clarity may not make much of a difference.  My ring is an emerald cut I color, VS2 with good polish, proportions and symmetry. Its framed by 2 pear shaped with G color and VS1 clarity.  When you look at the center stone, its looks considerably bigger because the side stones are so good.You can't tell where they stop and start so a 1.38 carat looks like a lot more.

    In the end, my fiance picked a ring that was totally NOT me....but I love it.  It reminds me of him and that makes me happy. I get a ton of compliments and I have grown to love it more than anyone predicted. Sometimes, it really is the thought :)

  • Depends on the cut. I have an emerald cut ring, which shows inclusions and color more so than other cuts, so my fiance did his research and placed a much higher emphasis on quality than size. Honestly, from what I've heard, girls don't go for size quite as much as guys do. I'm glad he chose quality. Gray or yellow would have bothered me. Blue, not quite as much. But my ring is virtually colorless and sparkles every color of the rainbow, even as an emerald cut, and I am very happy with it.

    "Certified" is in the eye of the seller, btw. Oh, and don't go to Jared. Scammers.
  • A lot of locally owned jewelry stores will give you a diamond presentation to show you the difference in the appearance of diamonds. My fiance and I talked to a jeweler beforehand and then had a better understanding of what was important to us in regards to all the c's. 

    I agree with other commenters that cut is pretty important. Princess cut sounds appealing but the square shape is too shallow to really catch light. Round cut diamonds sparkle much more and even look larger. My diamond is 1/2 a carat but people always think it is much larger.

    good luck (:
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  • I think this is a very hard question to answer as other pp have said, in the end whats important is that you spent the time to find something that you think she'll love. I would suggest you find a place that doesn't pay on commission, that sounds weird but I worked in a chain store that did and you get a little biased advise from people who's pay depends on upselling you. (not trying to offend anyone honestly!) But I agree with what a lot of people are saying stay in your price range! My fiance also went to Shane Co. and he had an amazing experience because it was so low pressure and he said they were really helpful in answering all his questions.
    Good Luck!!!

  • I agree you should buy in person. A lot of times you get an idea of what you like online, but seeing and holding the physical ring, as cheesy as it sounds, you just know.

    Hope this helps!!
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