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Engagement Party?

Hey everyone,
I'm just wondering who all is planning an engagement party? I know that traditionally, engagment parties were thrown to inform friends and family of the engagement, but that's not what we're doing! We are buying a house (this week, yay!) and our party is a "Housewarming/Engagement" party and is taking place in Sept. We want our two families to meet and for people to come over and see our new place and share our joy. The problem is that my FI doesn't really think a party is necessary at all and that we'll be wasting a lot of money by throwing one. Even though we have discussed this issue and since he knows its important to me we're going to go ahead with the party, I was just wondering what everyone else's opinions are on engagement parties?? I think ours will be a blast and my dear FI will eat his words LOL but what do you think? :-)
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