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Just Engaged and Proposals


My Boyfriend had asked me last nite in his camper!  He wanted it private, not in fornt of everyone.
Here's how it went:

Before he asked me we had gone to his grandparent's boat the morning that day cause his boat is down, and hung out with them for most of the day. at there marina.  Then came back to the camper and had dinner and chatted with family for awhile. Then we were in the camper on the couch just talking on how my parents will take me begin engaged cause they don't think I can be married cause of my health issues. So he told me things will be ok, you got me & my parents ( his parents ) and then he went on his knee, and asked me, and I said YES!

Now Im dreading in telling my parents cause they dont want me to engaged n marry one day. Will still be awhile until we marry. Just gonna take it one day at a time! Laughing 

~Forever and Always Travis & Andrea 9/23/08 ~


  • Congrats!!
  • congratualtions!!
  • Congratulations!
    "Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are."
  • Congratulations! Don't worry too much about telling your parents. They'll want to know, and hopefully they will have enough sense to be happy for you and supportive! Best wishes! :)
  • Im sad to say that I had to break it off. Just didnt feel like the rite time now. My bf and myself doing okay. Thanks! Smile
    ~Forever and Always Travis & Andrea 9/23/08 ~
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    [QUOTE]Congratulations! And wow on your parents. This is a personal question and you don't have to answer, but why do your parents care for your health issues over your happiness? I hope they will be supportive when you announce your engagement.
    Posted by coopergirl15[/QUOTE]

    <strong><font color="#000080">I had a liver transplant when I was 3 months old back in 1985 amoung with other illnesess. So thats why. If or when I marry, I lose the insurance that I have now and if something happens, I CANNOT get back on the insurance that I have now. Not that nothing will happen, but ya never know. and its ok. Alot of ppl dont know ;)

    So with that they are scared that I wont get good healthcare out in PA. They are just looking out for me but they are taking it waaay over board tho. </font></strong>
    ~Forever and Always Travis & Andrea 9/23/08 ~
  • That is a tough situation. You could always have a wedding and 'get married', just not legally. It would really screw up our finances if my guy and I were to get legally married, but we just keep that stuff to ourselves. Our plan is to "marry" even though it won't be legal. We want to our wedding to be a public declaration of our commitment.   
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