Just Engaged and Proposals

Just Engaged and Proposals

We always wanted to see Disneyland at Christmas time and so Scott and I decided to battle the crowds. On New Year’s Day, we had dinner at the Blue Bayou Restaurant. During our meal Scott suggested, to start the new year off right, that we should have a new caricature done like the one we did when we the first started dating fourteen years ago. We sat for half an hour while our artist, a lovely young lady named Kim, and I had a pleasant chat. There are no strangers in my world; just friends I haven't met yet.

A crowd of thirty people began to gather and Scott clammed up. He was sweating and holding my left hand tightly. Of course I'm too busy running my mouth to get suspicious. I mention that she must be doing a good job because the audience grew to over thirty people who were clogging the walkway. I did think, "Who would pay all this money to go to Disneyland and then just stand here and stare at me?"

Then Kim announced, "Ok, are you ready to see it"? She flips the picture around and a flash goes off in my eyes blinding me. I look over and Scott is on his knee holding a silver rose ring box that cradled my heart shaped solitaire. The crowd busts into cheers and we both cry. All I could say is, "Is this really happening?" After he puts the ring on my finger, he turns to the crowd and says, "And then they lived happily ever after." The crowd erupts in joyful applause.

After the proposal, we went back to our hotel to share some champagne. He finally got to tell me everything that went into making this special moment; for instance, not letting go of my left hand to ensure that he put the ring on the correct finger. We then floated back into the park, so blissfully in love that we didn’t realize what time it was. Just as we walked onto Main Street, the lights went out and the fireworks started as though it was just for us. We held each other and cried until the end when Walt blessed our love with a dusting of snow. Amazing!

We have had a fun, full life together and now we’re ready to embark on the next stage in life. We are getting married, with our closest friends and family, at the Wedding Pavilion at Walt Disney world on November 30, 2011 followed by a twelve day honeymoon there. Afterwards, we plan on starting a “Disney” family. It is our dream that twenty years from now, we will return to Disney World and renew our vows with our children by our sides.  Pure wonderment!



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