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New to the Knot!

Hey there all,
  My name is Sarah, I'm 22 years old, and I live in upstate NY. My Fiancée, Josh (19) and I have actually been engaged for a while now, but I just recently started planning. My wonderful man proposed on his birthday last year, but we kept it under our hats for a long time. His parents are not my biggest fans. Figures that would be the one thing they would agree on, in all of his life! 
  We're a planning an Irish themed wedding, since we both have Irish pride! Our colors are Green and Gold. The date is still to be determined, but we're working on it. I'm aiming for around March 17th, 2012. We are paying for the entire event on our own, so I could use some advice/tips. Any idea's or input would be welcome.
  Also, if someone could tell me how to add friends on here, I would be forever indebted to them!!

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