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I Said Yes!! Now It's Time to Hide...

I just got engaged yesterday!! My FI planned a whole day of activities both before and after he popped the question, including breakfast at our favorite restaurant, a manicure for me, the proposal in a park that's special to us, coffee and dessert at the coffee shop where we had our first date, and our first ballroom dance lesson. He even had a few of his friends hiding and taking pictures of the actual proposal! 

It was wonderful, and I'm super-excited. Everyone else is apparently feeling the same way, and we're more overwhelmed than we thought we'd be with questions. So far, we've done a good job at deflecting them, but I'll never be able to answer anything if I don't have time to figure it out!  

How rude is it to go into hiding for a day or two? Just to kiss, cuddle, get a good planning foundation. and enjoy our engagement? Or will the engagement overload die down in a week or so? We can stick it out until then. 

Re: I Said Yes!! Now It's Time to Hide...

  • First things first. But, yes, do enjoy your engagement, it is a special time. You first need to figure out when you want to get married, then start to look at churches/ceremony sites, then reception sites (unless you do it all in one place), start dress shopping, and so. There are so many sites out there, including TK that can help you with the timeline thing. Congrats and good luck with the planning.
  • Congrats! We too were overwhelmed when we got engaged. we have such big families and it was a big deal. the way we dealed with it was when people started asking us so many questions we just told them we weren't sure of too much yet since we were just engaged and were loving our new status as being engaged!! we told them when were planning to get engaged (which was the year after we graduated). it's fun to just show off that ring!
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