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Drives me nutz...

I've seen this post before, but now I realize how much of a pain in the butt it really is...
I'm enjoying spreading the word about the engagement.  But, alot of people are like "I'm invited, right?"  Well, I'd like to, but the list is already 100 strong and that's with family only!(and that's if everyone we invite attends.. which is what we have to plan for)  Can't really afford to do more.  It's not as though these people don't mean anything to me (other wise I wouldn't be telling them about the whole thing) .I guess I'm just gonna have to get a backbone and say... Well, this event's going to be family only.....Undecided  Sure, the wedding is a year and 1/2 away,  but in order to talk with venues...we had to do the invite list (no invites yet, just the list so we could get the numbers.)

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    I'd respond with "oh, we haven't gotten that far yet, we've only been engaged 2 weeks" or "the wedding is still months away."

    It's a fib, but it puts them off, and you never know what might change between now and then.  And really, you have a rough guest list for venue shopping, but you will probably end up changing it some between now and then.
  • I just always tell people that its going to be a small wedding because the FI and I are paying for quite of bit of it ourselves. Don't feel like you have to invite more people when you can't afford it.
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  • That's exactly what's on, FI and I are paying for it ourselves.  (or at least that's the plan.  If the folks want to help out... great, But being that this is my 2nd marriage... I don't plan on it.)
  • If the wedding is that far away, you can easily cop out with "The wedding is so far off, we're not even thinking 'guest list' yet". Right now, you only need a "general idea" of your head count for vendor shopping purposes, but you really don't need to know exactly who is getting invited at the moment.

    We had a guest list of 100, when we finally sent out invites, we had some people that were upset when they didn't get invited, but any friends that tried to make us feel bad about it (Which, it's incredibly rude for people to do this) where given the honest and simple explanation of "We paid for everything ourselves and we both have large families, we just didn't have the money to ask everybody."

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