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Hello All,
      So my BF proposed to me this past Saturday (5/28/2011)!! Like many others, I've been on the knot for a couple of months now bc I knew his proposal was comng soon but I just didn't know when. Well ladies, he took me to Canada to visit his sister who he hasn't seen in over 15yrs. So I didn't think anything of it! Anywho, he made reservations for the Skylon Restaurant (for those of you who are not familiar with this place it is gorgeous!!! It has glass floor-ceiling windows, the restaurant rotates while you are eating, there is a pianist, candles on the table...basically its very romantic)!!! :-)

     Moving on, We were seated next to an older Australian couple who my Fiance engaged in conversation. While conversing for 30mins, my fiance asked the couple "how long have you guys been married?" At this time, I started to become a little suspicious especially when my BF stated "wow, its hot in here." He seemed a little nervous to me. I gave him my glass of water (which he gulped down) and the older gentlemen and I joked about my BF experiencing "male menopause." At this point, the older gentlemen asked my Fiance and me how long have we been married and we smiled and told him that we were not but looking forward to be married in the future. My fiance continued to speak about how much I mean to him, and how much he loves me ect ect....(I was thinking to myself- please just look at the menu so that you know what to order when the waitress/waiter arrives). He then looked at me and started to tell me how much he cares about me and so forth. While doing so he got up from his seat, kneeled on one knee and asked "will you marry me?"

       At this point I was in shock,I was soooo speechless (I don't remember saying yes) He placed the ring on my finger then everyone else in the restaurant were yelling "did she say yes...say yes...say yes..." So at this time, I came back to reality and I shouted YES! EVERYONE CLAPPED, the pianist played a "congratulations to you" tune (with happy birthday melody) . :-) I have to say that was the best moment in my life! :-)  

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