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Need some help

Hey. I'm getting ready to propose to my girlfriend and I wanted to hear some options on my idea. I want to take her to Discovery Cove in Orlando, fl to go swim with the dolphins. And either at the end her hair will be all wet and makeup gone or the beginning before her hair gets wet and makeup gone but she will be in a wetsuit have the dolphin come up to use with a buoy saying "marry me." She has always wanted to swim with the dolphins and she wants the proposal to be different. Any thoughts? I think it could either way because she does love the outdoors but she does want to look good when the photographer catches the moment. I just want this to be perfect since she's waited so long 8 years. Yes I know it's along time but we met when we were only 18 with really no money and she deserves it. Thx for any advice.

Re: Need some help

  • I like doing it at the end. Because honestly, she'll probably be so excited that she wouldn't be able to concentrate on the swimming with the dolphins if you did it before. Who cares if her hair is wet and she has no makeup? She'll look thrilled and perfect in those pictures no matter what. But that is just my opinion. Whatever you decide, the moment will be special and perfect for the two of you.

    Good luck and come back to let us know how it goes!


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    I agree the end would be better. My brain would not be on the dolphins after a proposal. 
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