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Just Engaged and Proposals

Newly Engaged

I just recently got engaged on my birthday back on September 2nd.  He took the day off work and we went downtown for lunch.  After lunch, he took me to the jeweler where we had found an engagement ring setting that I loved back in May and we bought my ring.  He had to torture me a bit (just the way we are with each other) and make me wait for it until he "officially" asked.  Fortunately he didn't make me wait long and he proposed before we went out for my birthday dinner.  We have been together for almost 4 years, and living together for 3, so it was kinda a long time coming for me hehe.  I really couldn't be happier and I'm so excited to dive into wedding planning.

Here are photos of the ring... even though we technically picked it out together (i wanted to have my grandmom's diamond reset, which was my great grandmom's before that, and so I wanted to have a say in the setting), he still gets a lot of credit because he was the one who picked it out of the case first.  It was hiding in the back corner and he said as soon as he saw it he knew I would love it (which I did!).


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