Congratulations!  You made such a beautiful bride!!!  I am getting ready to wear those bm dresses, but in purple in about a month!  They looked so good on the girls, now I am more excited to wear mine!  Just wondering where you got your shoes from?  I have been looking for almost the identical pair.  Were they comfy?  Also, your white "get ready" dress was so cute!  Do you remember where its from?Thanks a bunch!Lauren

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    Lauren, I loved the BM's dresses.  I actually gave my girls six different options of dresses and it just worked out that they all chose the same dress except for one girl.  They all seemed to really like them.  After all they did pick them out!  I would love to see it in purple.  I am sure it will look wonderful!As for my shoes, I bought them from David's Bridal.  They were actually discontinued, but I called around and was able to find some in ivory and in my size.  They had to be shipped to me from another state, but it was worth the extra cost considering they were on clearance!!!  If you want to start your search the name of the shoe is "Chloe".  They were very comfortable, but I did add some foot petals for the ball of my foot.  Finally, I bought my white dress from Forever 21 about 3 years ago.  It has been sitting in my closet for years!  I just started wearing it this summer.  I'm not sure if this really helps, but I am sure you will find what you need.  If you don't find what you need check with friends.  I wore a dress to my rehearsal that my cousin wore at the end of her wedding night.  :) 
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