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My guy and I have been dating for almost four years now and he has finally told me to go ahead and reserve our wedding date at this place we both want to get married at. I don't technically have my ring yet but it is on layaway and I know it is coming. I've known about it since he had me help him pick it out.

The sort of problem arises because  I am going to be my cousin's MOH. She is getting married this fall and I know that news of my recent "go-ahead" will probably upset her and I don't want to steal her "thunder" or anything.  I am not "officially" engaged because I don't have the ring and I don't want to steal the light off of her, but it's not exactly fair to me.

I didn't really write this with any questions in mind, just as a vent. I really don't want to say anything to anybody about my planning because I don't have the ring and because I don't want to upset her, BUT if I get the day I am hoping for, my wedding will be within a year and I kind of need to start telling people.

I am also a little concerned that when I finally DO get my ring that it will be at a time when we are so busy with her wedding that I won't want to make a big deal about it because I won't want to upset her. I'm feeling a little bummed....but will probably get over it I guess.

~Melanie Hope~
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