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Can't Pick A Date!

My fiance and I have been engaged for a year as of June 16th. My fiance wants to get married next fall, and part of me wants that too, but then the other part of me wants to wait until summer 2014. I'm still in college and waiting a little longer would give us more time to save money. I feel bad because I go back and forth with my fiance ALL THE TIME. Any suggestions? Or anyone in (or have been in) the same situation?

Re: Can't Pick A Date!

  • So you're between fall 2013 and summer 2014, correct? Would you have graduated by summer 2014? I personally think waiting til you're done with school would be a lot easier. We knew when I was in college that we were going to get married but waited until we both had our degrees and had jobs, even if they weren't our dream jobs. I also planned our wedding while going to Grad school and working full-time, and while doable, it was tough. I wish I wasn't going to school while planning. Those are some things to think about. If he really just liked the idea of a fall wedding you could always do fall 2014 and compromise.

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  • We've also been engaged for nearly a year now and have yet to set a date. We know we want Columbus Day Weekend in October, we just have no idea what year it's going to be (first it was 2012, then it was 2013, now we're looking at 2014...).  It's purely finances that is standing between us and having our wedding.

    I don't have much advice, but I feel your pain being in a similar situation.  The way we see it is we would rather wait (and save for) the wedding we want rather than hurry up and get married ASAP and having to cut corners we don't want to cut. Just remember, the wedding is not the finish line.
  • Ditto that it might be a good thing to give yourself a chance to finish school and have more time to save for the wedding and honeymoon you really want.  If you've already been engaged a year I probably don't have to tell you that time will go by faster than you think (especially if you're going to have school, job hunting, and looking for a place to live all on top of wedding planning!)
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  • We waited until we were both out of school to even begin planning our wedding. I graduated May 2011, and him in December 2011. It's been nice to not have school stress, and we also have careers now that allow us to afford what we want in our wedding. 
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