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Trouble with states

Hello all!  I'm pretty new to this so you'll have to bear with me.

My FI and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago and almost immediately we started being asked if we'd set a date (namely my mom).  While we've been enjoying being engaged we have been thinking a lot about where to actually get married.  My FI and I both grew up in Michigan but are now living on the west coast in Washington.  Initially Michigan was the top choice to get married due to majority of our families still being there.  I always thought that it would be easier for us to travel than it would be for everyone else..especially our grandmothers who are all at ages where traveling across the country would not be easy. (The exception is my maternal grandmother who lives in Alabama and would have difficulty traveling no matter where it was.)  We also considered an alternative location but quickly pushed that idea aside.  I think it would be easier for us to plan a wedding here but we do have help at home.  We would probably have to rely on that help a lot because we wouldn't be able to take a lot of trips home.

We know that no matter where we get married, we would like to have a party/reception in the other state.  A few of my cousins have gotten married in one location but had receptions in Michigan after the fact. Despite knowing that it's about my FI and I, I'm just worried that I won't be happy with our decision.  

Sorry if this is a little long winded or rambling  If anyone has any advice or insight, it would me much appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Trouble with states

  • I have the same problem! We just got engaged on Sunday and SO many people have asked when? We haven't set a date or even really talked about it much because I have finals next week. I grew up in Tennessee, he grew up in Wyoming, we met in Mississippi, and now are both living in Wyoming. I want to have it here in Wyoming because that's where my new life is starting (and I want an outside wedding in the summer and TN is TERRIBLY hot) but my family wants it in TN.

    I want to do what I want for my wedding.
    But don't have the guts :(
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