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Teeny-weeny ring sizing

I have a problem. 

I'm fairly sure I have the smallest hands of anyone I know. My mother wears a 4.25, which is a bit loose on me. I always thought that meant I was a 4. I recently got measured, as my girlfriend lives in England and needs to buy a ring without me there to try it on. I am a 3. When I asked the jewler how I would convert that, she told me that a 3 is a 6 in UK sizes. 

Which is not true. UK rings are measured in letters. I am pretty sure it makes me an F, but I don't really trust the internet as it told me a 4 was a different UK size every website I cross-checked on.

 Does anyone have any experience with international ring conversion? Because she's long-distance, I really don't want to have to put my girlfriend through having to get my ring resized, as we won't be able to see each other after Christmas until April. 
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