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Have any of the newest engaged brides being asked by EVERYONE whens' the big day, I'm going nuts over here, I'm just like I just got engaged, so no date is set yet. If so how do you handle the pressure of being asked by everyone, even my best friend who told her family ( i've known her for 20 years) and they asked her so whens the big day I'm just geez ppl!! I guess its because we have been together for 4 1/2 years, I haven't even been able to talk to my mom, stepdad and two aunts who are currently on a cruise in puerto rico so they don't even know yet which is totally freaking me out too and I can not wait till she gets back on dry land.
ok bye!

Re: Setting the date

  • We've been telling everyone it's when we can find time to take a half day off of work and walk down to the court house (jokingly because his mother would probably have a heart attack). That usually shuts people up.
  • It's a natural question:

    YOU: We're getting married.
    THEM: Congrats. When? 

    What else would you expect them to say really?

    We got engaged 12/8 and had our date picked 12/9. This is my second time so I knew to be prepared LOL
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    We were asked our date when we called his parents like ten minutes after getting engaged. We knew the date the next day after I randomly found a venue I liked and they had availability close to our dating anniversary.

  • I am in the same situation! I got engaged on the 23rd and people keep asking and when we are getting married and when I say I have no idea they look at me like I'm nuts!!!!
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