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Any unique proposal stories?

My fiance and I got engaged September 15, and it was quite an interesting (and I mean it when I say interesting!) proposal!  I had been having a bad day and was down in the dumps, stressed out with school and work, and just bawling my eyes out. While my fiance and I were in the shower together, he kept hugging me and calming me down, and he just told me: "I know you're stressed, sweetie- it happens to everyone! But just know that these things will never change: I'll always be there for you, and I will always love you!" Then he got down on one knee (quite a feat to attempt in a shower!) and asked me to marry him. It was completely out-of-the-blue! He never really planned what he was going to say or when he was gonna do it, but one of our friends told me that he had been planning to propose for a while, even though we had only been dating for 9 months! So, it really took us BOTH by surprise! He didn't present a ring when he did it, so in the meantime, I'm wearing a huge, sparkly $3 costume ring until he saves up enough to get me a real one (many people have thought it was real!). I also have a promise ring that he gave me for our 6-month/my birthday. 

Anybody else have an interesting proposal story? :)

Re: Any unique proposal stories?

  • I was out for a friends birthday party in manhattan, ny. The song that we decided would be our song when we walked into our reception feel so close calvin harris started to play in the brunch party we were at and his best friend sat me on top of the bar. i thought nothing of it and I just sat there dancing. all of a sudden, a white sheet appeared behind the bar behind me as i turned around the sheet dropped and there he was standing with a little black box and a huge bottle of moet with red jewels on it that said "marry me jessie" My now fiancee who's usually shy in public,got on top of the bar in front of the whole club and asked me! I now realized almost the whole place were waving sparklers in the air while the music was blasting club lights were going. people were blowing fire into the air and they had a smoke machine blowing smoke everywhere! People started throwing money at us. It was really awesome :
  • Oh yeah! It happened this past saturday.. 11/10/12
  • I got engaged at a music festival on stage with out fav band that plays the festival
    FI had been emailing for months to get it all worked out there is a video on youtube if you search a shakori proposal - you cant hear - but you can see tons and tons of people  

    and i look like a total bum ! but it was amazing !!!!
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  • The beginning of my proposal story also starts of with me crying, haha. We were driving out to Syracuse where our friends and family live and on the way out of our town we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. I ordered an egg and cheese mcgriddle and somehow ended up with a bagel covered in ranch dressing..? We went through the drive through, so I didn't notice until I opened the bag up. So we stopped at another one along thr thruway to get me a new breakfast and that one got my order wrong too. I started bawling because I didn't get to have any breakfast (which I normally don't eat anyways, not sure why I was so distraught over it. I don't even really like fast food). FI kept squeezing my hand and telling me not to let it ruin my day. It clearly didn't since he proposed like an hour later, haha. 
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  • My fiance is a HUGE LA Kings (hockey) fan. They won the Stanley Cup this year for the first time. We had gone shopping for rings and I was simply waiting for him to orchestrate the proposal, which he said he wanted to be a "surprise". We went to the Stanley Cup celebration parade for the Kings in Downtown Los Angeles. At the very end of the parade, he said, "You know, there's only one thing that would make this better." And he got down on one knee and proposed. A nearby reporter saw what was happening, and came over to interview us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APFZ9YZsP6I
  • My proposal was originally planned to occur on our 4 year anniversary but had to be delayed 2 days due to weather on our vacation in St. Thomas.  I'm glad it did, because despite it being cloudy and gross during the day, by the time we got on the antique sailboat he rented for the evening, the sky opened up to reveal a gorgeous sunset. It was perfect, even if I was afraid that he was going to fall when he got on one knee.


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  • I thought my proposal was pretty unique. My fiance and I went down to Corona Del Mar in California and I thought we were just going to set up our sheet and hang out down there for the day. When we started walking toward the water, we could see some people making a big sandcastle. As we got closer we could see some of the details but I didn't want to get too close because a bunch of people were taking pictures and I didn't want to be in them. Lol. Little did I know that the sandcastle was actually made for me! Once I saw the heart and the "Becky, will you marry me?" I figured out what was going on! I was in shock! As soon as I saw the heart, my fiance proposed! I can't remember exactly what he said because I was so surprised but I do remember him asking me to marry him :) After the proposal, we took a bunch of pictures and the man who built the castle said that's the furthest away anyone has ever proposed from the castle. Oops! I guess I should get over my fear of being in pictures lol. Afterwards, he had planned for all of mine and his family to come down and take pics then we all went out to dinner. I loved it!!

    Oh and it says RN because I'm currently in nursing school :)

  • I am a nosy, nosy girl and my FI can't keep a secret from me to save his life (which in the long run is a good thing).  The original plan was to take me to Philadelphia to our favorite restaurant for my birthday and propose then, but Hurricaine Sandy wiped out those plans.  Of course, I found out this information and have been obsessing ever since.

    So, the only way the FI figured he could surprise me was to wake me up at 4:45 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving and ask.  The odd timing also worked out because we became 'exclusive'  a few years back around 4:30 AM after staying up all night texting each other.  
  • My FI was going to propose on a beach trip we had planned but about 2 weeks before the trip doctors found a bone tumor and needed to remove it so I ended up being in bed recovering from surgery the week we would have been at the beach. So my guy ended up proposing in my drive-way right before I got into his car to go back to his house with him to visit (we're long distance) once I was recovered. I was NOT expecting it. I felt bad for him that his plans got completely ruined!
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