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Just Engaged- 12/25/12

I'm so happy. I am finally going to marry my best friend. We have 2 children together and we have been talking about marriage for a long time. He started taking me ring shopping in September and I started getting anxious, just waiting for him to suprise me with a proposal. Well as time went on I started to think this will never happen. The few weeks before he was telling me we may not be exchanging gifts because he doesn't have a lot of money because he has too many bills to pay right now. I was really sad about it. Well on Christmas day we went through all of the gifts. I then realised there was no gift to me from him and I was kind of disappointed. He walked into my parents kitchen and back into the living room where everyone was and then said "Jasmine, this is my gift from me to you", got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes. My mom was the first to cry, then me, and then my sister and my fiance's mom. I am so happy. We are looking to be married Nov 2013 and will be contacting wedding planners. 

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