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June 3rd 2011 engagement!!

it has been a blissful 2 and a half weeks of being engaged!

I, like many others, was anxious about when it was going to happen. Every time we did anything outside the apt, I wondered if it would happen then. It finally did June 3rd on the pier at playland park in Rye!

It was an intimate moment that I will remember forever. He was his usual ro,antic self whenever we go there for a long walk except this time he was reminiscing about all the amazing times we had there, specifically our 2nd date. He told me he knew he loved me and that I was the one on that second date there. He asked me to marry him w/o me even realizing he was holding a ring box and it was closed!! If it was open I might have noticed it bc the diamond is that shiny! After I said yes,once I asked if he was sure, he opened the box and was so nervous he forgot to put the ring on my finger... I had to to quickly jog his memory haha.

Halfway back to the car the emotion swept over me and I started bawling! I couldn't believe it had actually happened! I couldn't stop asking "are you serious?! Are you sure?!" he assured me he loved me and would always want to be with me!

It's 2.5 weeks later and I'm on cloud nine still! I still can't believe it and I think it'll set in once a venue is set! Sadly my ring is gone for two days to get resized but I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. He said it's one of a kind like me (it's a custom ring hehe). But it's good bc on top of the euphoria from the engagement we get to go on a two week vacation to Spain to see a friend get married and what perfect timing!

I cannot wait to start planning and congratulations to all the new brides out there in the month of June!
-Paola- Wedding Countdown Ticker
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