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Newly engaged - no date set

My fiance and I recently became engaged.  We do not have a date set as of yet, except we know it'll be either Winter or Fall of 2013.  That could mean as soon as January, however, nothing is set in stone.  Having said that, how early should I begin shopping for my dress? I'm eager to try them on, however, I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

Thank you!

Re: Newly engaged - no date set

  • Congrats! Depending on how early in fall you are getting married you'll want to shop around the New Year. That being said, my wedding is this Saturday and I bought my dress last September. It worked out really well for me, but some birdes who have bought their dresses keep looking at dress sites and get buyers remorse. Once you get your dress, DON'T look at magazines, dress sites, etc.
  • Congratulations! I agree with PP; don't order your dress too soon because you may find something else that you like better. But that's not to say that you can't look around, and try to find what style you like and the likes. I'd say about a year to 9 months out is a good time to start looking to order. :]
  • I bought my dress 6 months out and had no problems. However, I made sure to communicate with the boutique what my wedding date was and when my bridal portraits were, so that helped a lot.
  • Congradulations on your engagement. I see you are looking for a venue for your wedding. I am a Wedding Planner at the Grand Prospect hall in Brooklyn, N.Y and I would like to invite you to come take a look at our hall to host your wedding. If you are interested please give me a call at 718-788-0777 and ask for Michael D. Thanks and congratulations again.
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