Just Engaged and Proposals

Engaged!! :)

I got engaged a little over a month ago! I've known him since sophomore year of high school and had the biggest crush on him! We became friends but didn't really hang out much. I finally got the nerve to start talking/being around him more by senior year and was all set to ask him to homecoming, but before I could ask him he asked my best friend! I was crushed, but I dealt with it and we all stayed friends. 

I went away to college in the fall but hated being away from my friends and family so I moved back after fall quarter. Another friend and I re connected with him and we started hanging out. He worked at Subway and was usually left to close alone so my friend and I would go and help him wash dishes etc so he could get off work before midnight! A couple weeks later, he was driving me home so I decided to ask him "What would you think of us dating?" He said something about being busy with school and that he wouldn't be able to spend time with me blah blah blah. Again I was crushed. He called me the next day and apologized for being mean and asked what I was doing that night. We made plans to play pictionary and watch movies with friends. Everyone came over and we were playing having a good time and out of nowhere he says "Will you be my girlfriend?" I was psyched and said yes of course!

We dated for 3 years then he got the opportunity to buy a house with a friend and asked me to move in with him! Another 3 years and I had just finished school. He had been telling me for months that he had a "secret trip" planned for me finishing school and our anniversary (June 20th) and I couldn't know what it was. Of course I thought he was going to propose but he told me he wasn't going to and not to get excited. 

I found out where we were going on the way to the airport-Disneyland! My most favorite place on earth! I was so excited that I forgot about anything to do with a proposal!! We got to Disneyland the next morning and after seeing a few characters of course, we went to the castle. He says "I want someone to take video of us in front of the castle" I was confused, I said "Lets just take a picture!" but he insisted and the first guy he asked said yes. He lead me to the middle of the bridge, almost running someone over, and then got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him!! Of course I said yes, though he swears I said no at first! I told him it was a "No way! This is actually happening!" rather than a "No I won't marry you!" but he still gives me garbage for it! Later I found out that he had even called and asked my mom's permission at breakfast and I didn't even know! 

Now we've been engaged since June 21st we spent a wonderful week at Disneyland and we are just starting planning our wedding!! :) Our date is June 17th 2012 (His grandparent's, who he was very close to, anniversary) One of our good friends will be the officiant and we almost have a place figured out and our colors are raspberry/deep pink and olive/leafish green with copper accents. That's pretty much as far as we've planned but we are just loving being engaged! (Sorry this is so long by the way!!)
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