Just Engaged and Proposals

Engaged 11/4/10 but never told the story...

Hey everyone,

I have a unique proposal. I have been engaged since November but never posted my story and wanted to share. I just copied and pasted from our wedding website so here is our story!

Nick planned a quick getaway to Greektown Casino the night before Thanksgiving. Liz had a suspision that the night would be one to never forget and she was right! The two headed down to Detroit and made a chilly walk from Greektown to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. After a fun dinner Liz was ready to walk back to the hotel and start to gamble but Nick had other plans. The couple enjoyed the atmosphere of the music and lights at the outdoor ice skating rink. Liz started to get impatient and wanted to get going and Nick agreed, the two started to walk away but were stopped by a homeless man that started to question the couple. The homeless man looked right at Liz and said "Do you love this man?" and Liz said "yes". The homeless man then said "Has he asked you to marry him?" and Liz said "Not yet..." At this point Liz and Nick were intrigued by this man and his willingness to ask them such open questions so they continued to talk to him. He started to refer to himself as St. Gregory and told the couple that true love should not wait, and when you love someone that love will always get you through. He quoted many verses from the bible about love and life and said that he could feel the love between him and that God had told him to come speak with us tonight. The couple just kept smiling and listening to St Gregory. After a pause, Nick turned to him, pulled out his wallet and said "Thank you so much for coming over and talking to us tonight. Here is $20 please go get yourself a nice Thanksgiving meal on us. I could not have made a more perfect time then right now to do this" He turned himself in the direction of Liz and said "Liz, will you marry me?" Liz replied "Yes, of course!" There were tears of happiness coming from Liz, Nick and the homeless man. We think the homeless man was more shocked than Liz.

We are getting married in June and I cannot wait!

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