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He proposed!!! + some questions

Me and (my now) DF are going on our one year dating anniversary in July.  He told me he had my anniversary present, and couldn't wait to give it to me! I was so excited.

Well for some back story we rescued a beagle from a high kill shelter, and hes a VERY shy dog but hes my absolute baby and stuck to me like glue.  I love that dog so much. 

anyways, a couple nights ago I was in the bathroom getting ready to shower, and DF calls me out into the room saying "hey babe come here..Wesley has something on his neck.." so me thinking it's a tick or wound I missed or something, I run out of the bathroom and call Wes out of his crate where he was laying.  He comes up to me and I see he has a collar around his neck that says "Marry me?" and I turn around and DF is down on one knee with a ring! I was so shocked, and I just kept saying omg no you didn't!! until I finally blurted YES and hugged him!!!

I am so excited! Here's links to pics of my ring and the collar my pup was wearing!



Now, for my questions.

Is anyone else a young to-be bride?  I'm 18, and plan on getting married at either 19 or 20 (haven't picked a definite date yet).  I'm having a really hard time breaking it to my parents.  DF tried calling my Dad daily a couple days before the proposal, and no answer.  Still hasn't called us back.  I told my mom immediately, and she was less than thrilled at first, but when she saw us in person she was gawking at my ring and congratulated us and said she cant wait for DF to be her son in law.

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