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I think he's proposing this weekend...

We bought a ring over 2 months ago and he hasn't done it yet...But I'm pretty sure he is this weekend.

He knows my dream proposal is at a San Francisco Giants game. This weekend we're going to SF for the night and going to two games! He also accidently sent me a text this past weekend which wasn't intended for me. And (after a little digging) I figured out that he was meeting with my parents to ask their permission and show them the ring. Plus...they'll be at the games this weekend too!

So he's going to propose, right? :)
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Re: I think he's proposing this weekend...

  • Aww that would be so neat!  Just don't overthink it.  Enjoy the games and if it happens, that's just awesome. :)
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  • If he does, that would be great! Just don't go overthinking it. You never know what he has planned. Maybe he would prefer to propose in a different place. Just try to enjoy the weekend without expectations (I know it sounds impossible). The best way to ruin a proposal is to have expectations. Also, you don't want to ruin the surprise! 

    Best of luck!

  • It certainly sounds like he might be planning to propose, but try not to expect it. I was expecting it for a while and kept getting disappointed when it didn't happen. I finally told myself to stop obsessing over it, that it would happen eventually. (It happened last weekend.)  So when people ask me if I knew it was going to happen when it did, I tell them that I kind of hoped it would but I wasn't totally expecting it.
  • I agree with the other people don't get your hopes up, but be prepared.
    I was supposed to get my ring in December for Christmas or later. But he ended up giving it too me a month earlier on Black Friday, and I freaked out like didn't reply and say yes so the lady at the restaurant was like 'say something'. She totally thought I'd tell him no! lol. But it's the surprise that makes it the best! But I'd try to keep it cool around him like you don't know a thing. x)
    I'll give you an early congrats! lol.

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  • Trying my best to stay calm and not expect anything...but its hard not to run scenarios thru my head :) Can't wait to share Our Story :)
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  • No he's not. He made you a special new rocking chair and he's going to give it to you at the Giants game. Obviously
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  • haha good one.

    We already set a date (April 20, 2012) because it's his parents anniversary...so I also think he could do it tomorrow and ask me to marry him 1 year from tomorrow.

    UGH this is killing me!
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  • I saw someone get proposed to 2 weeks ago at the Giants Dodgers game. It was really cute :)

    But I agree with the PP's. Don't expect anything, just have a good time! It'll happen eventually.
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  • How exciting! When my husband proposed I kind of knew what was up just by the way he was acting that night... Just know that whenever and wherever it does happen, it will be very exciting!

  • That's exciting but I agree with PPs, don't overthink it. Even though it sounds like he will, don't go with that expectation because you'll be thinking about it the entire time and you won't enjoy yourself if it doesn't happen. It won't be a good feeling if he doesn't when you think he will. But I'll be waiting to see if congrats are in order soon!! Have fun this weekend!!
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  • Probably.  Come back and show us the bling :)

    Whatever happens, have fun!

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  • He did it!!! During the 5th inning, I was standing up and he put his arm around my waist and just asked! It was so romantic and intimate.

    The BLING is amazing...

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  • They showed a proposal from the Giants game on sportscenter this morning. I wonder if it was your proposal.
  • Nope, wasn't mine... :)
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  • Yay, Kristen!  That's awesome!  And your ring is gorgeous!

    "You wore a tit dress at an AIDS party??? You need to go to the whore corner with Mara " - Blue
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