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what do you guys think of "fake" diamonds? which are best?

not engaged yet - picking out rings and wondering if moissenite (spelling?) or diamond nexus is the way to go... seems great, eco-friendly and affordable so i say why not? do any of you have "fakes"? what do you think of them?

Thank you :) 

Re: what do you guys think of "fake" diamonds? which are best?

  • If you're looking for an imitation diamond engagement ring, check out the Tacori rings on QVC.com.  Tacori is a respected name in the jewelry industry and their imitation diamond rings seem to get a lot of positive reviews.  Good luck!  
  • thank you! i will definitely check them out
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    My engagement ring center stone is moissanite and I love it.  It looks identical to a diamond, it's a comparably hard stone, and it can take heat just like a diamond (necessary for when it was set into the mounting.)  However, my 1.6ct moissanite cost under $1,000 - far less expensive than a diamond.  For my FI and I, it was the right financial choice.  I have no plans to ever swap the moissanite for a diamond.

    Don't think of moissanite as a "fake diamond."  It's not.  It's a completely different stone (mineral, actually).  Just like white topaz looks like diamond, but is topaz, and white sapphire looks like diamond, but is sapphire, moissanite is what it is.

    Diamond Nexus is also a great alternative.  Unless I'm mistaken, DN *is* diamond, just one that was grown in a lab, but not the earth.  I believe the molecular structure is identical.  It would make no difference to me where my stone grew - earth or lab.

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  • DN is not a lab grown diamond. It is a CZ with stabilizers.
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  • Thank you for correcting me!
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    What personally steareed me away from Diamond Nexus was that for one it is pretty much the same cubic zirconia that you find in drug store jewelry only they charge $100 for it, and for two cubic zirconia is not supposed to age well. I have not looked into Moissinite, but I have heard good things.
  • I´d rather have a small stone with an ok quality than a fake.
    But that´s me.
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  • I agree with The post above. However, you should do what is the best choice for you. I have a 1/4 carat diamond, but it was ranked nearly perfect on the clarity, cut, color, and carat. Its a perfect size for me. I would perfer a smaller diamond rather than a huge CZ. There is just something about it and I can't put my finger on it. But like I said, you should do what you need to do! Remember, there are other gem stones that could be your engagement ring. Saphirre, Emerald, Ruby, I have even noticed that Opals are becoming popular. Pearls too!
    I don't know much about the term 'fake' diamond... But go with whatever fits your style.

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  • I looked into getting a "fake" stone, but it was too much hassle. I couldn't find a jeweler that was willing to set it for me, so you might have a find a stone already set. Also, no one was willing to do maintenance on the setting - they wouldn't re-rhodium plate a white gold setting with a fake stone. Basically, no one would touch it. Maybe you could find a jeweler to help you, but I'd look into it before buying a stone.
  • I say no but thats just my personal opinion! I'd hate to ever admit that my soon to be husband didn't give me a real diamond :/ 
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