Just Engaged and Proposals

Ok, i'm a guy... now that we have that out of the way... We just got engaged!

Hi all,

Yes, I'm the groom!  Turns out my fiance doesn't like planning as much as I do so she and I are going to plan our wedding together.  Seem different than the typical approach but it will work for us.  :-)

Anyhow, after the surprise proposal:

We're looking for some unique ideas for our ceremony and reception.  We dont 'want our guests to be bored during the ceremony.  We don't want  the wedding party to be the only ones who have all the fun.  

An expensive venue, expensive this and expensive that are cool, but we're after more of a wow factor for everyone.  I want the guests to feel special and my bride to feel 100 times more special than that!

I know it's possible... just need some ideas to start with.  :-)

Thanks all!

    To Do List:
  • Find girl of my dreams... done
  • Propose... click to see video
  • Get Married... working
  • Live happily ever after... expected :-)
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