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Just Engaged! Sharing our secret photographer's photos!

Hi everyone! I've been lurking the Just Engaged boards for a few months and now it's finally my turn to post! 

My fiance and I have been together for four years in October and while I knew we would be getting engaged in a 3-4 month time frame, I was COMPLETELY surprised. 

He had been to NYC to get a diamond, but told me that there were still many steps to go before a proposal, so it wouldn't be anytime soon. He then told me about a banquet he was invited to (not abnormal for him) that was cocktail attire, dinner, drinks etc. I was very excited because I love to dress up so I of course said yes! When Tuesday came, we were on our way to the banquet which was in Lawrence, where we both went to the University of Kansas. We parked in a weird place but I didn't think anything of it. We were very close to the campanile, the bell tower at KU where it is said that if you kiss under it, you'll be together forever (as cheesy as it sounds!). So he told me we were there early, and asked if I wanted to go check out the campanile at night. I said sure and was not suspicious at all. Then as we were just a few steps away...I started to get some butterflies in my stomach. As soon as we were inside the campanile, he began his proposal speech and got down on one knee and presented me a gorgeous ring! And the only thing I had ever hinted at, was that I loved when people have photographers there- and he listened! I was so excited that one of our friends who is a photograher was there. We then called our parents, had champagne and enjoyed our wonderful evening! Here are some pictures from the night! :)

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