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LOOOOONG engagement HELP!

I'm newly engaged and after much discussion we decided that it would be best to put off the wedding for three (!) years so he can finish law school. For the most part I'm ok with a long engagement, but am having trouble figuring out what to do about engagement photos and other fun little things. I like the idea of taking them closer to when we actually became engaged, but it doesn't seem to make sense, or does it? I was thinking it would be fun if we just did a simple progressive photo story, like a passing of the seasons sort of thing. Is this an awful idea? The point of engagement photos is to announce and to get to know the photographer, but it seems silly to announce a date 3 years in the making and getting to know the photographer should happen much closer to the actual date, right? Help!

Re: LOOOOONG engagement HELP!

  • I would definitely wait awhile.  It's so far out and things change quickly.  Congrats though!
  • I'm in a long engagement. We put everything on hold until it got closer. There is no rush, just enjoy being engaged right now. 

    E pics:  Some people use the E-pictures for their save the dates. You don't even need E-pictures. Do what works for you, but I would say hold off for awhile.

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  • My fiance and I got engaged this past X-mas eve and will probably marry in June 2013, which is like 3-4 years, so I understand how you feel. But I agree with the above that you should probably wait on engagement photos until much closer to the wedding date. Also you might think about finding a friend of yours who is good with photography to take some picutres of you and your fiance along the way to put up at your wedding and then do professional engagement pictures closer to the wedding.

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  • Just enjoy being engaged for now. Don't do epics until you are around a year from your wedding. Also, epics tend to be included in packages with your photographer who you probably can't book yet. Congrats!
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  • Yeah, going to agree with the others and say you should wait. You still have a long while and the engagement photos are meant to photograph you and your SO when you're engaged, not really to announce it. There are separate announcements you can mail out for that. Most Brides wait until closer to the actual wedding to take their e-pictures, only because by then they have their particular photographer and it's included in the package. I have yet to decide if my FI and I are taking e-pictures...we might not, just because I would prefer more money go towards actual day of photography. But...eh, we have time to figure it out.
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  • Thanks so much for the advice! I won't be taking any pics anytime soon!
  • We have been engaged 3 years this Tuesday and are getting married October 10.  We didn't do e-pics until April 3rd of this year.
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  • I'm waiting 3 years as well, because I need to wait till after I graduate. So now I feel a little better knowing that there is at least one other person in the world who is going to be engaged for 3 years.
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  • Our wedding date isn't until october of 2012. Its definitely harder to plan with a two or three year engagement, however, I basically get my choice of venues and dates and pleeenty of time to go dress shopping! So there's definitely a bright side and I keep hearing about more and more couples waiting longer between proposal and wedding because of logistical and financial reasons.
    Congratulations bride!
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  • I like the idea of a progresive photo story! You could take one photo a month. It would be great to look back on later in life. :)
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