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When Tim and I first began dating we spent a lot of time in downtown Birmingham. We would get a coffee at Starbucks, walk back to "our" bench in a somewhat quieter part of town, and talk for some time. However our trips to Birmingham seemed to come to an end, Tim got a job first in Columbus, then in Charlotte.

On Friday, October 15th of this year I woke up at 3:00 am extremely sick. I won't go into all the details but I'll just say it was NOT good at all. I was sick all day, as well as in the evening. Saturday (October 16th) I woke up feeling a bit better. I still did not have too much of an appetite or energy. But I was at least able to walk around without "getting sick."

Tim had been texting me all day saying things like "I really miss you." He then asked if I would like to go out to dinner that night. Shocked that he would even ask that after my being so sick I said "No, I barely have energy to get out of bed, let alone do my hair and make up." But after he prodded me a little more I gave in. I figured I might as well use whatever I time I had with him since he would be moving to Atlanta soon.   

After I agreed he said "Ok I made reservations in Birmingham."
I thought that kind of strange because it had been so long since we had gone. He also told me to dress up a little bit because it was a nicer restaurant.

I began to be a little suspicious what with all the texts that said he missed me, the reservation in Birmingham etc. But I tried to stop myself as much as possible to not get my hopes up because I do that way too often.
However, when he came to pick me up I could not help taking small glances at his pockets to see if there was a bulge from a ring box.
I didn't see one and used that to help myself to stop getting my hopes up.

To my annoyance all he talked about on the drive down was how excited he was about his promotion in Atlanta, how he couldnt wait to move etc. Obviously I was happy for him, but I had cried several times already in the past couple weeks because of his leaving.  
So here I am just trying to enjoy the evening for what it is (a nice evening spent together before he moved), trying not to think about his leaving, and all he's talking about is the move.

We went to dinner at Forte, and to my excitement they had lamb. :-) It was sooo good!! When we were walking out Tim asked me if I wanted to go sit at "our" bench. I agreed, we made our way to the bench, as I'm turning around to sit down he was getting down on one knee and proposed. It was sooo sweet and obviously the happiest moment of my life.

I told him afterwards that of all the ways he could have proposed this was the number 1 way I wanted him to do it. It was perfect.

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