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Did you pick out your ring??

I read a post the other day from a woman who hated her engagement ring and I think that sucks since you will be wearing it forever. It made glad that I had picked out my own ring.Just curious how many of you picked out your own ring?


Re: Did you pick out your ring??

  • he and i had looked at rings together before, so he knew the style a like and what looks good on me. but he picked out the final one on his own! :)
  • Ray wouldn't buy mine without me going.  He knew how much I love jewelry and had a specific style/taste that I wanted...plus, I'm a jewelry buff and he wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.  I'm in love with my ring!!!!
  • Yeah, I picked my exact ring out for him... but only because I wanted my grandmother's engagement ring :)  My fiance only had to add some gold to the band and have the ring cleaned.  It is perfection.l
  • We went shopping together, and i chose a few rings that i really liked. Then he chose from there, so he could surprise me. :)
  • My soon-to-be-fiance and I were given his grandmother's ring and told we could use the stones from it (one .53 ct brilliant-cut center stone and 11 tiny stones from the band).  We didn't know what we could do and visited a few jewelers. The local family-owned diamond store basically told us they could only use the center stone and that we'd have to plop it into one of their settings, which was going to cost at the LEAST $1000 and we weren't really in love with it.

    We took what we had to a jeweler called Gold Creations in the Milwaukee area and they said they could use ALL our stones and build us a completely custom ring, exactly to our specifications (I want a very thin band and a low setting), and it cost us UNDER $500 there.  This is ideal as well because now I feel like I haven't seen THE actual ring, and I won't until he pops the question.  The downside is we have to wait 2 weeks for them to finish the ring, but it will be worth it!!

    Best of luck!!
  • I picked out my ring.  I love it! 
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  • Well, I'm not actually engaged yet, but I know it's coming (I think this weekend!).  I found a Mark Schneider ring online that I just adore (the Mystic) and I have dropped several hints :)  Last week my boyfriend finally asked me "Isn't there a ring you really like? What's it called?" So, I got a chance to show it to him on the website.

    I don't think he really liked it, so we will have to wait and see what he picks out for me!
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    [QUOTE]We went shopping together, and i chose a few rings that i really liked. Then he chose from there, so he could surprise me. :)
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    I rarely wear jewelry, so it would be hard for FI to guess my taste, actually. The ring was the part he was nervous about. I found a jeweler I really wanted to look at (estate jewelry) and we went after I showed FI some pieces I liked online. I narrowed it down to 2 and he helped me make the final decision from there. We both love the ring, a lot.

    Because it was an estate ring we didn't have to pick out a stone and setting. We literally got the exact ring we picked up and looked at, after it was resized.
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  • DH picked out my ring and it was not like anything I had wanted.  At first I wasn't too sure if I loved it (I liked it but wasn't sure if I loved it), but it grew on me and now I am completely in love with it.  I wouldn't want anything else.
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  • DH and I are a bit on the "old fashioned" side about certain things, so neither of us wanted for me to pick out my ring. But he did ask for a few things over time just to make sure he was at least on the right track (He didn't want me to hate it ... I have a feeling I would have loved anything he wound up picking, the man has a knack for picking out good jewelry).

    Then again, he had the ring purchased about 3 months before the proposal, and I had no idea (I wasn't expecting anything for at least another year at that point) ... I don't remember when we discussed rings, I just know we did a few times ... he really might have been asking me what I wanted after he bought it just to throw me off. He does things like that, lol.

    Either way, I love my ring, it was perfect!

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  • FI took me to soo many jewelry stores and we looked at everything. I tried on dozens of rings. I love him, but he couldn't pick out a ring in my style/taste if it had a big blinking sign pointing to it. I narrowed it down to three though because I wanted to be atleast a little surprised. He picked my favorite :)

    BTW I asked him how he knew which one was my favorite. He said he guessed. Lmao.

  • I had told him originally what I wanted, he went on his own was worried about choosing the wrong thing. So we ended up going to look at rings together and I liked styles that were the total opposite of what I had originally told him. It really helped being able to try on rings and see how they sat on my fingers/hand. He picked out a setting that I had liked and changed it a bit adding a Canadian diamond as the center stone. So we both had a say in the ring.
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  • Yes.  I was surprised when he proposed.  I was disappointed that he didn't propose with a ring because my dream way of telling people I was engaged was just to wear my ring and let them notice, but I ended up not getting it for a couple of weeks.  We had never gone ring shopping together, and I didn't want to get ahead of myself, so I wouldn't let myself look in person or try rings on.  I did look online and saw rings I liked.  In the end, I didn't like them on me and I ended up with a solitaire.  If I had told him what I liked, I would have gotten something different that I don't like as much.  Now I'm happy with my ring and it took several stores for me to find it.  I doubt he would have picked this, but he would have picked solitaire (probably smaller although mine is only 3/4 carat).
  • I picked out my exact ring (and wedding band)...and I LOVE it.  My FI is so happy because I'm happy.
  • My FI knew what kind of ring generally he liked, and asked me how I felt about it.  I let him know that I like REALLY simple (square solitaire with no extra stones anywhere!) and then he designed the ring himself.  The setting is beautiful, modern and very beautiful.  It's really special to me because he designed it himself, after talking to me about what I like :)
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    [QUOTE]I picked out my exact ring (and wedding band)...and I LOVE it.  My FI is so happy because I'm happy.
    Posted by blueydbabi[/QUOTE]

  • We had gone together a few times to the jewelry store and I showed him what I liked while we were getting our other jewelry cleaned but I had never actually tried on a ring. I had always pointed out the 3 stone princess cut rings, because I already owned one and wore it daily. When he proposed he gave me a little over a carat round brilliant solitaire diamond. I love it, it sparkles so much. We are having it put into another setting that will have 6 channel set diamonds in the band and 2 round brilliant sapphires on each side of the diamond to still make it look like the past, present and future rings that I like.
  • He originally gave me his mother's ring. I hated it so much, first of all I don't get along with his mom at all, and the ring was from his parent's first marriage which ended becuase his dad decided he never actually loved his mom, a year after their divorce they settled for eachother again and got remarried. I did not want a ring from a failed marriage, that just seems ridiculous to me, if it was an heirloom from a grandparent who was married happily for 25 years, that would be really special, but I don't think a ring from a divorce is a great thing to hand down. The ring was really ugly too, it had an insanely high setting and it was gold ( I personally hate gold).

    Long story short, he gave the ring back to her and we went ring shopping. I picked out the ring I wanted, but when he went to pick it up on his own he ended up buying a princess cut instead of a round cut. I love it even more than the round cut ring, and I'll never tell him that he made a mistake.
  • We went and looked together and I picked several and then he got the one he thought was the best..and I love it, he has good taste anyway lol..I've got soo many compliments on my ring!
  • He totally picked out my ring on his own. I had no idea anything was coming. Afterwards he told me that he stole my class ring to get an idea of the right size and metal to get me. I always thought I would just get a solitare but I love what he picked for me. It has a single diamond in a cathedral setting and then 5 tiny stones on each side in a tapered channel.  Now I can't imagine having anything else.

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  • My fiance and I went to my favorite jeweler and picked out my ring together. I asked him later if we hadn't gone together which ring he would have gotten (I was torn between two in the store). He said he'd looked online prior to going to look that the one we picked out was his favorite, so he was happy when it was my favorite too. :)


  • I never got to pick out my ring, but I got a past, present and future right that I absolutely love!  I couldn't imagine anything better, but I am not a big fan of solitaire or huge gaudy rings anyway.

  • My (now) husband worked for Kay Jewelers for a few years and everytime I went in there the girls would show me new engagement rings that came in. So in the spring of 2006 my dream ring came in. However, we were only dating 3 years and we both knew we weren't close to getting engaged. Well, in the winter of 200, the ring was discountinued. I never thought I'd see it again until he proposed with it in Dec. of 2008! I love my ring and had no clue that he was even thinking about proposing!

    I also got the band to match.

  • I went shopping with a friend to determine what styles I liked on my hand just for fun.  I wanted something very simple and timeless.  I knew I wanted a solitare and I fell in love with the oval shape diamond.  Little did I know he was talking to her the whole time.  He spent a lot of time picking out the right setting and chose a vintage engraved band.  I still got my solitare but with a little twist that I really love. It is special because he picked it out just for me. I am so in love with it! Of course I am just happy to be able to marry the man of my dreams that I would love anything he gave me!
  • I told him a few things that I wanted (i.e. white gold, NOT yellow gold), but I let him pick it out on his own.  He has good taste so I wasn't worried lol
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  • This is my second engagement/marriage -- I designed my first ring (almost 20 years ago).  Wearing a ring I designed was wonderful. 

    Wearing this new ring, which my fiance chose very painstakingly (he bought one, kept it for a few days, returned it, got this one!) without my input, is spectacular!  I really like my ring and thoroughly appreciate the time and attention he put into choosing it.  :)  He knows my taste and hit the right chord!
  • My boyfriend and I went ring shopping together. I love Mark Schneider's designs too. I'm glad I got to try some on because looking at rings online and looking at rings on your finger is definitely not the same. I was convinced I loved this certain ring and when I tried it on it was weird looking on my hand. I narrowed it down to 2 and he picked one (which I haven't received yet! AH!). I'm really happy we went together and I can't wait to be engaged to him and wear that gorgeous ring (whichever he chose) proudly! : )
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  • I really wanted the proposal to be a surprise, so we didn't do any ring shopping together.  He bought a very inexpensive silver band to propose with, and we're going to pick out the "actual" ring together.  But I love the silver band, and of course it reminds me of his awesome proposal, so I'm going to use it as my wedding band.  I didn't want a diamond so I'm glad to have some input on the engagement ring.
  • I picked out my ring and I'm so happy I did!  While we were looking at rings I found out my FI has horrible taste!  lol  That on top of the fact that I'm really picky.
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