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So.....I have convinced my FI to get a mani/pedi and haircut the day before the wedding as well as getting a professional shave the day of.The problem is, I have NO IDEA where to send him.Considering he is being nice enough to go along with my request (he is not the beauty salon type AT ALL) I would like him to go somewhere that he wouldn't feel completely out of place.Do any of you ladies have a suggestion for me?We live in Westlake and the ceremony is at the Old Stone Church downtown.Thank you!!

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    The Regal Beagle in Lakewood caters to male clients so it might be a fun place for him to go! Otherwise you might just want to call your own salon. A lot of places have packages or cater to male clients these days:)My other suggestion is for him to not get the services done the day before. I would suggest maybe a week in advance so you have time before the wedding if he hates his haircut or gets a man facial that goes wrong or something :)
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    The Art of Shaving would be good for the shave but the only one I think there is in the area is at Beacwood Place.  There is the Gentleman's Barbershop in Tremont as well.I would second the Reagle Beagle if they do mani/pedis because it is a place for men.  Although if he doesn't normally do them, the pedicure may be a waste of money.
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    I totally agree, he should get his haircut the week before, not the day before. My brother got a haircut the day before his wedding and it came out awful. Besides, he may be more relaxed gettng all of that done the week before rather than the day before because there is just a little bit less running around and last minute things, ppl that want to see you, decisions to be made, etc. Good luck! (Sorry that I don't have location suggestions, I am in Canton now)
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