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Just Engaged...need planning help!

Hey everyone,

My fiance and I have now been engaged for 3 weeks, and I'm starting to really think about planning our wedding. I am very excited, but I want to make sure that I do a very thorough job in researching things, so I make sure we have a great wedding. I was wondering if anyone had any good planning resources, whether it be lists, guides, information, articles, anything, I'd like to read it. Thanks!

Just incase you want to hear about the proposal story:

So my fiance and I have been dating 4 years. We've been out of school for a little over a year now, but we both still live at home with our families. He works downtown (aka commutes via train), and I work about 25 minutes from where I live, so we do not get to see eachother during the week very often. Our 4 year anniversary fell on a Thursday, and since we were closing on our house a few days later, we had not really planned much of anything for our anniversary. Early on in the week, he suggested we go to dinner on that day, just to do something. I told him that'd be great, but we can push it to the weekend (just because doing stuff after work is always very time consuming), but he said no, that he'd call and make the reservation.

Lo and behold, the place we wanted to go was booked until 7 (which I later found out was a lie). His train gets in at 6, so we had an hour to kill. He suggested we go minigolfing. There is this minigolf place that we went to one of the first times we were hanging out, before we were even dating. We had been friends for 3 years before we started dating, so when we went there (4 years ago) we were going to meet 2 other friends there. We had gotten there, and then both of our friends called us and said they couldn't come, and back then, he said something to the tune of "i'd rather it just be us anyway." and you know, when you like someone but you're not dating, and they say something like that, you get so excited because you think "oh he really does like me!" :) well anyway, flash forward to now, and this minigolf course has sort of become our place, because we usually go back there atleast once a year, because it is special to us. I also didn't think it was a weird suggestion, because the previous weekend I had suggested that we go minigolfing.

So we get to the minigolf place, and I see that it's really empty. I said this outloud, but then i also realized that no one really minigolfs on a Thursday evening at dinnertime, so it wasn't too weird. (i later found out that he had rented the place out, so we could be alone).

the minigolf place is designed as a mountain, so as you play you go up the mountain, to the top where there is a gazebo with benches. when we got there, i was just walking through the gazebo to get to the next hole, and he says "lets stop a minute" and i didnt think anything because i thought ok he just wants to sit on the benches. but then he knelt down and asked! he also arranged with the minigolf place to have the same music (90's music) that was playing the first time we were there, to be on when we were at the gazebo.

it was so perfect for us, i couldn't stop crying for 20 minutes. the rest of the minigolf game didnt really matter, we couldn't focus. i was so happy. of course then we went out to dinner, and then went and told both of our families. my dad already knew, because the week previously he had taken him out to dinner to ask for permission. i could not have asked for anything better!
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