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Share your engagement story!

I have been engaged for a while now, and our wedding is almost here, but I wanted to share my engagement story with you all (it's kind of funny!) and hear some great stories from others.

My fiance and I live together now, but I only stayed at his house every weekend at this point in our relationship. It was a weekend, and I woke up at his house and he was gone (I'm a dead rock when I sleep). I called him immediately and he says "Oh, my dad needed my help this morning. I'm actually on my way home." So I brush it off and help myself to a bowl of cereal, plop down on the couch in my PJ's, and turn on Spongebob (my favorite cartoon! lol)
He comes home and sits on the couch with me. A few minutes go by, and I'm still stuffing my face, my hair is a wreck and I have on some old, ratty VS sweats, and my eyes are still glued to the TV.
He says, "I really love you."
I say, "I love you too."
He says, "I want to make it official."
And at this time we were talking a lot about engagement so I didn't think nothing of it...that is until he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee!!!!
I don't even think I said yes I was so excited. He teared up and I almost threw my cereal across the room trying to hug him! He had actually gotten up early that morning to go ask my dad for my hand. Best day of my life (so far!).

Anyone else got any romantic/sweet/funny stories to tell? :)
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