Chiavari chairs in Cleveland

Does anyone have any recommendations for these?  We're looking for the dark wood/mahogany chairs.  Did you use these? How much did you end up paying per chair for the rental?  It seems like everyone starts out sooo high but people negotiate it down somehow.  If you did this, can you give any tips or pointers?TIA!!

Re: Chiavari chairs in Cleveland

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    I know that Aladdin Rentals has chiavaris but I'm not sure if they're the wooden ones.  I only saw the gold plastic ones and I was afraid they would collapse under my weight.  (To be fair I am a big gal.)   They charged something like $7.75 apiece, which I think is less than other places.
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    The best price I have found in the cleveland/akron area so far is from Lasting Impressions. Their chairs are $8.75 ea. They have several different colors, and if I remember correctly they do carry the dark wood (we are using the black chairs)  I haven't reserved anything yet so I'm not much help with the final price. HTH!! 
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