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How did you/are you decide(ing) to pick a date?


Re: How did you/are you decide(ing) to pick a date?

  • The Marine Corps. :) 
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    [QUOTE]We knew where we are going to get married at ( my families church) and knew that nothing was booked for 2013 just yet. We also talked with his family and with so many out of town a holiday weekend was our best bet! Plus when I wanted to get married Janurary we couldn't since my fiance is an accountant, which means I never see him until the end of April. I started calling venues and getting prices, 1st time I called I said I am inquiring about a Saturday wedding in the summer and got the Price. If the pakcages fell within the budget, I then made an appointment to view the hall. I then called again (acting like a different bride) inquiring about a holiday weekend to see if it was the same price or different. I was lucky only 2 out of the 10 places i was interested in had a price change from a holiday weekend wedding to a regular saturday weekend. I would suggest you make a budget and stick with it. if you are interested in a holiday weekend wedding for 2013, I would suggest starting now. i was surprised when I went to a local bridal show, how many venues were booked for Memorial/4th July/Labor Day weekend, let alone 2013! Don't panic tho. It will all work out. :) Pick a date that will work for you, your fiance and family. Happy Planning
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    </div><div>My first pick for venue has no holiday change in terms of price since it's through the city. It's pretty popular at least I've noticed on this board and the fact that everyone says it fills up so fast. So FI are going to plan a trip out there hopefully within the next weekend or so to go look and then hopefully I can make it first thing in April.</div>
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    We picked our date because I told him from day 1 that if we get married that I wanted to be on my grandmothers birthday and his mother always told me that she wanted him to graduate before he got married so we intertwined both my grandmothers birthday is June 1 and he graduates this December so we made it June 1, 2013. & plus no one is really financially stable this year.
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  • We knew we wanted a summer wedding so that we could have it on the beach, and I would be out of my university classes, and we figured it would be the most convenient for our out-of-town families to travel.  Also, FH's son's birthday is in July, so our finances will be a little bit tighter to accomodate his party and gifts- so by having the wedding in August, we have a little extra funding for it.  We chose a Friday, because that's generally the go-to day for weddings where I come from, and our reception venue can accomodate it on the Friday. Lots of considrations!! Lol
  • FI and I are both teachers, so we decided we wanted to get married in the summer (for obvious reasons).

    FI wanted either a Friday or a Saturday, so that narrowed it further. We knew we wanted at least a year and a half to plan and save for our wedding, so that put us smack in the middle of 2013.

    After combing the 2013 summer calendar, we realized our dating anniversary (June 21) was on a Friday and it ALSO happened to be the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) which, in my mind, is romantic, so.. that's our date! June 21, 2013. =)
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    [QUOTE]we realized our dating anniversary (June 21) was on a Friday and it ALSO happened to be the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) which, in my mind, is romantic, so.. that's our date! June 21, 2013. =)
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    </div><div>This is cute :)</div><div>
    </div><div>We picked May 19th 2013 as our wedding date because first, we love the spring. We love that flowers are blooming, that the air is warm but with a breeze and that the sun just seems to be brighter. We also picked May because during the month, it will not be too cold or too hot.. it should be just right. We picked 2013 because it would give us enough time to save some money and we would have graduated college by then.
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    Ours is our five year anniversary. It happens to be on a Wednesday but we only decided after speaking to all our must-haves. We don't have a ton of money and I never wanted a long engagement and I do realize that the weekday means better prices and fewer guests. I won't be offended if not everyone upended their work schedule to come and, having spoken to some of our guests already, everyone realizes the expense of a wedding and our tight budget. I figure at least having it on a weekday allows us to invite those we wouldn't otherwise be able to afford in the first place. It leaves the choice up to them. As long as you ask your VIPs and let everyone know early (I sent out my STDs early last month and my invites go out beginning of June) your choice should be pretty well-covered.

    Honestly our only big requirements were that we couldn't have it during football season. Smile
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  • We wanted warm weather, didn't want to compete with proms and graduations in May and early June, and since I have a quite a few college aged cousins, we wanted it before fall classes started and they went back to campus.  So we were looking for a Saturday between mid-June and mid-August. 

    We fell in love with our venue, called, and their one and only Saturday date available in that time frame was 8/4/12.  So that decided it. 

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