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Engaged 5 weeks ago

My now Fiance and I have been together for over 4 years and this day has always seemd so far away!  We have been friends since 2004 and went on a date, our first ever date. We went to see "without a paddle" and then went to a pull off on the mountain to see the stars. We were sitting on a rock when it started to rain and we had our first ever kiss.  <3 
I was young and dumb and decided to not continue things from there. In 2006 I called him up out of the blue because I never stopped thinking of him. We went on another date. This time to an amazing restaurant. We kept in touch after that but didn't officially start dating until Jan 2007.
We bought a house in 2009 on the mountain that we had our first date on. And in August of 2011 my best friend took me back to the same spot of our very fist kiss and asked me to marry him. It was dark out and the stars were everywhere. It was a night I will always remember <3 

It was a complete surprise! We had gone to "look for a co- workers phone who may have lost it while driving his motorcycle earlier that day"    It was all a big set up!

We are getting married next September and I can not be any happier <3  !!!
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