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With a 5 year old's help...

So I just got engaged last week and it could not have fit our relationship any better!

We were getting ready to go out to dinner with our parents who had all come in to town that weekend - and yes, it actually was a coincidence that they were all there when it happened.  I was sitting on the bed studying when his 5 year old son brought me a Valentine's bag.  I didn't think it was for me since we were not exchanging gifts.  I thought it might be for his mom since her birthday is in February and we hadn't sent her gift yet.  I was a little hesitant to open it but I pulled out a medium sized box.  I kept repeating that I didnt think it was my gift and I didnt need to open it.  My boyfriend noticed that I had the bag.  He said, "Oh no.  That's Grandma's gift."  I was mortified that I had opened her gift and started to shove it back in the bag.  The little man looked confused and said, "No its not Daddy. You said this was for Katie.  You have been hiding it in my room."

At this point I really thought it might be earrings or something.  I really thought it was a surprise Valentine's gift.  I was laughing as I quickly opened the box...without hesitation this time!  I was floored to find a ring inside.  In fact I never even gave him a chance to ask because I kept asking if this was for real!  All he could get out was "Will you..."

As we live our life everyday, we even got engaged as a family of three!

In the words of his son when I finally remembered to say yes, "Such as happy ending" :)

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