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My hologram proposal!

I've been reading these for a while and oo'ing and ahh'ing over them, but now I get to write my own!

My fiance teaches holography in a high school. He got some new film and wanted to try it out, so he asked me to drive him over so he could do some tests. (he got his wisdom teeth out a few days ago, so I thought he didn't want to drive with meds.) He set up the table while I was outside and we did three tests. I helped but couldn't see what we were making a hologram of. He told me he would position the item we were making a hologram of b/c it was dark over in that area. (I kept thinking it wasn't that dark, but oh well. lol) When we came back to look at the exposed holograms he asked me if I wanted to see. It looked like a ring. I kind of stared at it b/c I was sure it couldn't be that. He asked me to go get the item off the hologram table, and it was the ring in a box. He took it and got on one knee and said I was the best thing that had ever happened to him and asked if I would marry him. OF COURSE I said yes! (This was about 4 hours ago. lol) 

I didn't know, but he had gone and asked my parents a few weeks ago. We went to see them and my grandparents afterwards. Tomorrow is my birthday, but he couldn't wait! hehe!
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