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Weekend update -- aka I suck at DIY

Guys, I had an eventful weekend. This'll be long, but whatever.

First, I had my second fitting - YAY! That went really well. I ordered the correct veil (they had ordered the wrong one back in August) and they are expediting the shipping to me. And, again, I'm obsessed with my dress. She modified the top to make it a soft sweetheart and it's absolutely gorgeous. I love my seamstress!

My mom and grandma had their first fittings. Well, my mom HATES her dress. She had it made for her and she hates the color (which she picked and which I think is gorgeous). It's a dark plum color (which doesn't match anything, but it's what she wanted!). She wants to get another dress but after what she spent on that freakin thing, she better not! It also took 3 months to come in, so . . . not sure what she's thinking. My grandmother's dress was super pretty and very simple.

Now for the DIY update.

I decided to start on some of my DIY projects like spray painting frames for the table numbers, spray painting various sized vases, spray painting our wooden initials for the mantles, etc. Everything I bought was white, but I wanted it gold.

Well - I didn't realize how difficult it would be to spray paint the effing picture frames to use for the table numbers. They were really intricate and had lots of nooks and crannies. I primed them, then starting spray painting the heck out of them to get into all the nooks/crannies. That was a mistake. When they dried on the tarp on our lawn, the paint pooled under the frames (since I sprayed them to death) and made these huge blobs on the back of the frames that I couldn't sand out or fix . . . so they were totally ruined. ALL 24 OF THEM! The rest of the gold spray painting projects turned out well (the vases are really cute!), but oh my gosh it was a MASSIVE debacle with those stupid frames. We ended up having to go to Home Goods to get a bunch of gold frames and are just sucking up the $50 I lost on the original frames. Oh well. 

Moral of the story: test out one DIY thing first before using all of your supplies! :(

I still need to do the chalkboards for the menu and the drink menus and also write out the seating chart on the mirror. After my experience with the frames, I'm very worried about these . . . hahahaha. Maybe this is why people pay for someone else to do this stuff? :)

Oh and might as well update re fiance's bachelor party in Vegas.

He's on his way back right now (it's midnight) -- His flight was delayed a few hours so he's not getting back till 330am. Poor thing. While he was gone, he called me twice a day and texted me all during the day and for most of the night and even before he went to bed once, so I think he missed me :) I think he had fun but he was like "I'm getting way too old for this" (he's 31). Pretty funny. He also told me he's going to "check my suitcase" before I head to Vegas based on the outfits he saw on girls out there! hahaha

Anyway, eventful weekend. Hope you guys also had a good one!
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Re: Weekend update -- aka I suck at DIY

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    Yay!  Those are some awesome checks, please pip!

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    I'm sorry about your frames!! : I'd probably cry out of pure frustration lol FI and I ruined a few things ourselves this weekend. We glued invites to our panel pockets and like retards we forgot to let them dry while flattened under something heavy. The next morning we found all of them curved. I tried leaving them flattened under tons of books for two days and now they're straight but with lots of raises and huge air pockets and bubbles underneath. Looks like an amateur glue project ugh! I think we'll have to peel the invites off, flatten them seperate from the panel pockets and start again. Thank god it wasn't all of the invites, but about 20ish :
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    Woohoo - glad to hear your FI is back! I knew he would be missing you lots and call more than you thought!

    Sorry the frames didn't work out, but at least you were able to find some replacements pretty easily. What else did you paint? Any PIPs?
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    sorry about the DIY!!  I tried making one of those flower crape paper kissing balls...yeah didn't turn out so well a couple of months ago..I gave up & decided not to make them...so I feel ya...

    FI is too funny!
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    I'm happy that your dress fitting went well! Do you have any pics? I want to see!!

    My mom bought a dress before I even bought mine. I really like it. It's actually just from Nordstrom. Anyhow, she was having these, 'I didn't really look anywhere else and what if there is something better out there' thoughts. We went to look at a dress that she saw online. She did like it, but there wasn't enough time to order it from the designer. So, she'll just wear her original one. If your mom is really unhappy with her dress, she should look at stores like Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, ect. They have some really nice dresses that won't take months to come in.

    And, I promise you, that if I tried a DIY projects on picture frames, they would have turned out the exact. same. way. I suck at anything DIY, not to mention I don't enjoy it, so I just avoid everything DIYish.

    I'm glad that your FI had a fun time. I'm sure he's really glad to be back though!

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    oh no!!! I am so sorry to hear about your frames :( It could have been a lot worse than $50 of damage though - and at least you found some replacement frames!!

    We are just going to buy already painted ones...my fiance said he didn't trust me with a can of spray paint.  Good luck with your other projects - you can do it!!! We have so many crafty girls on the board - (NOT myself though) - I am sure they can give you all the advice and tips you need!!

    Do you have a pic of your dress with the sweetheart neckline??? My seamstress is going to make mine into a soft sweetheart as well, I would love to see how "soft" yours is - I need to decide about that for mine!!!

    Oh, and your fiance is a keeper :) I am glad he had a good time, but even more glad that he was a good boy and was checking in and missing you!!

    I always feel the same way as your fiance when I go out with girlfriends. Like, I can be a lot of fun, and i usually do have fun with my girls, but a part of me would rather just be dancing with my fiance.
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    hahaha - Ladies, thanks for making me feel better about this!

    I will have my mom send me some photos of the dress and of the gold spray painted "successful" projects. I was so frustrated that I forgot to take pictures of it all! I believe my mom took some photos of the sweetheart neckline on her phone.

    I hope the chalkboards don't turn into a massive debacle, too . . . lol

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    Bummer about your frames...glad you found some replacements though.

    Post pics of your dress fitting!
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    Sorry about your frames, that sucks, but hopefully the 2nd time will be a charm!

    That is so adorable about your FI. Glad hes on his way home to you and there were no arrests :-) My FI told me I can't call or text him the wknd of our bach parties,(they are the same wknd) I really hope he's just joking, because I think I will be super sad if I don't hear from him at all.
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