Just Engaged and Proposals

From NEY to JE!

Hi everyone!!

I am not new to this site but I am new to this particular board and am so very happy to be able to finally use it! That's right, I am finally engaged (eep!). Mandatory proposal story: We went to our favorite hiking spot and walked up this really steep hill for what seemed like forever until we found this really open spot overlooking all the trees really high up. Then he hugged me for what felt like 10 minutes because he told me later he was so nervous he forgot what he wanted to say lol..next thing you know he's on his knee, saying all the perfect things and asking me to marry him!!!!! We both cried, rolled around in the field kissing and it was amazing and I AM ENGAGED AHHH!!! It was perfect, the ring is perfect, he's perfect and I haven't stopped smiling since..seriously my face hurts lol. I am so glad that he did it surrounded by nature, we both love it and it's what I secretly wanted :). It only happened on Sunday so I am still getting used to calling him my fiance and I don't think the whole being engaged thing has quite sunk in yet but everyone is happy for us and I could not be happier either!

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