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Ok, so I live in fargo with my FI and his family is all in Billings Montana, and Mine about an hour from St. cloud minnesota...I have a dillemma...I can't decide if I should have the wedding in Fargo or St. Cloud. I am worried that my family isn't going to drive all the way to fargo even though it's not as far as my FI's family from billings...I found this wonderful place in Fargo for the reception and I just can't decide...

Re: Locations

  • I think the only person who can decide is you together with your FI. Think about people you consider VIPs, who you "need" to have at your wedding and maybe bring up the location question with them and go from there. But don't let your whole families sway your decision either.

    It's tough to decide on a location, but ultimately it's the choice of you and your FI. My FI and I had to choose among three countries (yes, countries): I am from western Canada, he's from midwest America, and we have lived in England for four years. Not everyone we would have liked to attend will be able to, but we had to choose one place in the end.

    Good luck!
  • It's a tough decision. My SIL is going through it right now as well. Only you and FI know what to do and you can only hope that your family will make the drive for your very special day!

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