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A day to Remember

My Bf, (my now fiance) is an "end of the month surprise" kind of guy, so it was no surprise to me when he was so excited about May's end of the month surprise. He had been buzzing about it for weeks about how i'm going to love my gift this month. He's generally all excited when it comes to gift giving so i just "go with the flow". 

We were relaxing one night when he told me that in order for the surprise to be successful i had to take a day off work, I thought it strange that my guy would ask me to take time off work, because he takes work really serious and seems slightly irritated when i call in a sick day. I thought to myself this must be big, and though i hate calling in at work myself I figured this must be big. At this time ii still wasn't thinking engagement, the thought popped into  my mind but it went away quickly. I reluctantly agreed and it was settled, that day was going to be BIG! He told me that he needed me to be ready from that morning, early that morning. 

The morning came and i was all dressed up anticipating the breakfast that he promised will start our beautiful day, We went to a beautiful nature walk along one of our local beach strips. I saw a friend of his who is a photographer taking photos they greet and continued to walk, I thought the greeting was strange but thought nothing of it. He had a jewelry bag in hand that contained my gift, he had already given me a bouquet of flowers. We sat down and recapped our relationship, he then took out the little box, he seemed very nervous but he opened the box and managed to get out the words "La Toya, Will you marry me"? I was so stunned and excited i started to scream, the ring was beautiful!!  To my surprise his friend, the photographer was taking pics of the entire event.  

After we left the engagement site we went to his house, where his dad prepared us breakfast, I tried to call my family and was unsuccessful in contacting anyone for the entire day, only my friends were able to hear the good news of my engagement. After leaving his parent's home, he took me to a get away cay to swim with dolphins, I was so touched, he knew i always wanted to go to Dolphin encounters so that only added to the joy of this already wonderful day. 

He then dropped me home, because we had a dinner date later that evening. I was still on my high and amazed at how planned and calculated the entire day had been, thus far it was beautiful I thought it can't get any better than this. He picked me up for dinner that evening and decided that he needed to stop home for something first, his house was filled with cars but he had already explained to me that his mom was having a woman's meeting. I walked inside, i was summoned to the back yard, as soon as we got outside a group of people greeted us with a loud CONGRATULATIONS!! I was a bit taken aback, however, when i composed myself I noticed that all of our family and friends were there, all of the family I couldn't reach the entire day. He had set up an engagement party. It was so beautiful, everyone gave their words of encouragement. After the party, he dropped me home for and we reminisce over the events of that day. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL the entire day!!

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