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how soon to dress shop??

Hi, I am new here!  I got engaged one month ago and we are still working on setting a date and a venue. (it is difficult because his family is in FL and mine is in CT)  We do have an appointment to look at a place this weekend though! 

We said our time frame is the end of August 2012 to about November of 2012, so about a year or so away.  I was planning on trying on dresses November 5th, but I am worried that it is too soon.  The reason I chose that date is because after that it will be almost Thanksgiving, then Xmas, New Years, and then it snows and is cold until March.  I was afraid if I waited then it would be too close to my date.  I have heard that some dresses can take up to 9 months just to come in.

Please help, I am so confused! Some people say go dress shopping asap and others say 6 to 9 months before the wedding.
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