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Just Engaged and Proposals

Engaged one month!

Can't believe it's been a month--so happy! Proposal was absoultely perfect, in Central Park near our apartment, where we had our first kiss little over three years earlier. Ring is fantastic, but the man is to die for! Love him! Sorry to gush... :)

Re: Engaged one month!

  • Congratulations!  Beautiful ring!
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  • Thanks! He did a great job on the ring--oval, simple and elegant!! Kind of bursting to tell people--have told our families and close friends, but not done the tell-the-world-at-large thing cause it's fun surprising people in small batches. You and your fiance are a lovely couple!!
  • Congrats! You doing better than I did with the excitement, I had most of the phone calls done the next day (we live across the country from our family so we had to call instead of tell them face to face).
  • Congrats! Your ring is beautiful.

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  • congrats. wonderful news and what a ring!

  • Congratulations!  My "one month" was yesterday and I totally understand how you feel.  The excitement hasn't gone away yet :)

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  • Definitely heartxsongs!!! It's so so exciting. Thanks everyone! I'm only a 3.75 ring size so that's part of why my ring looks the way it does--but it is definitely very generous!!! I have little clue what to do next--just enjoying the glow for now :))) Love the dress, MissySue!
  • congrats!  that's a gorgeous ring....

    i'm jealous of your slim fingers!
  • Thanks! Now to get the rest of me back to a size 2-4 from 4-6...though I hear wedding dresses don't run using vanity sizes so I'll be more like an 8 I guess. I'm about 5'10" so I'm worried about length--any tall brides out there (often evening gowns are too short)? I'm hitting the gym and hoping Vera Wang has a sample sale this year :)
  • Congrats! And yeah, my proposal came at like 1 in the morning, and by 2 we had already changed our facebook statuses and texted all the important people! Lol. Good on you for waiting!
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