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Engaged on Broadway on 11/11/11

The weekend of 11/11/11, I thought my fiance (JF) and I were going on a trip to NYC with his parents for his father's birthday. That Friday night (11/11/11) we were going to go see the The Phantom of the Opera. We were walking down Broadway to the show, and when we arrived, his dad said, "Let me take your picture." So, I smile and pose and wait for JF to stop messing with his coat. After a few seconds I hear his dad mumble, "It's recording!" JF steps in front of me and says, "CJ, we have been to many shows and movies as boyfriend and girlfriend, but I want to see the show with you tonight as my fiancee." Then he drops on his knee and asks me to marry him. A HUGE crowd had gathered by now, and they started to cheer, clap, and take pictures when he put the ring on my finger. I was crying, and looked at little crazed, but it was the most perfect moment of my life! Needless to say, I could hardly watch the show after that!

Re: Engaged on Broadway on 11/11/11

  • Thank you all so much! Sorry it has been so long since I was here! Exams and papers have totally consumed my life! I am ready for winter break so I can play on The Knot all day! :)
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