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My Wedding Tiara Arrived Today

Okay, I know I want to wear a tiara and veil for my wedding.  I was looking online and saw they're all over $100 at the bridal sites.  So I was poking around on Ebay and found one I absolutely loved. Well, it arrived today and it's absolutely perfect!  I wanted one with a curved band, so it would more or less "stand" on my head.  I have VERY curly hair, so one that lays flat would get lost in my curls. 

Best of all, I paid $40 plus $5 to ship it!  And it has no combs to scratch or dig - it has little circles at the end of the band for bobbie pins.

So I have no venue, no dress - the wedding is more than a year away - BUT, I do have my tiara!  I guess the whole theme of the wedding now will revolve around my tiara! LOL LOL LOL

Hey, I figure, buy the things you're going to need when you see them, and when they're at a good price.  It won't change size and it won't go bad.  Tongue out
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