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Did your proposal not go as planned?

Hey Just Engaged Board,

I’m looking for stories of proposals that did not go as planned. Maybe it was just a little awkward or even a full-on nightmare. Post it below.


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Re: Did your proposal not go as planned?

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    My FI and I were going out on a Friday night.  I knew the proposal was coming...and soon.  All of our friends had shown up, our favorite live band was playing and the drinks were flowing.  We were having a great time.  FI and I were out on the dance floor and he said, "I love you so much and I want to marry you."  I replied, "Aw, I love you too...wait, was that a proposal...?"  He then said, "I really wish it was but I forgot the ring tonight, I'm so sorry."  I just laughed at him and told him it was ok.  We let it go because I knew he wanted to have the ring when he asked me.

    So the next evening we went out to dinner and were pretty tired from the night before...we got into the car afterwards and were talking about something totally off-key.  All of a sudden he said, "Hey."  I said 'what' thinking he was going to make a comment about something we were talking about.  When I looked over he had the ring out and said "will you marry me?"  I was in total shock.  Definitely wasn't expecting it at that moment. 

    I think it was sweet because our Proposal is kind of now a 2-parter.  Either way, we went out and celebrated again...I wouldn't ask for anything more than the way it turned out.  :)
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    I, sort of, ruined my own proposal. (Sorry the font is weird...I stole it from my planning bio)

    FI and I had decided to go away to celebrate our 4 year anniversary.  We went to a really nice golf resort a few hours from home. We were in our room watching TV the first afternoon there, because it was rainy, and FI got up to mess around with something in his bag.  I kept watching tv and just hanging out on the bed.  I could feel him standing behind me so I turned around and he was staring out the window.  I looked at him then at the window then at him and I said, a little annoyed "What ARE you doing?"  I figured he was looking at a boat coming in the harbour.  

    Little did I know he had the ring box in his hand.  He had pulled it out of the suitcase so he could propose when we went on a walk, after the rain, but he thought I had seen it.  So he immediately dropped to one knee and pulled out the box.  He looks at me and simply said "Will you marry me?"  The first thought that ran thru my head was "OMG! Is he serious?! REALLY?!"" Of course I didn't say that so I just stared at him for a few seconds trying to say yes.  Eventually I did;)

    Even though I messed up his "plan" the simple, in our room, proposal was really us.  He said after that he had a huge speech prepared for the walk but when he thought I saw the box he got confused and flustered.  So, thinking I was on to him, he just decided to do it right then.  

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  • I had just come back from seeing a friend pick her bridal dress. Told FI I wasn't feeling good, he said he'd make dinner while I took a nap. He made a very romantic dinner and asked that I put on something nice as it was date night (even though all I wanted was to lounge in my sweatpants). He then had me read a poem he wrote and asked me then and there. While I was totally happy and thrilled, I was definitely feverish the whole time and sadly that's mostly what I remember was not feeling good :(

    The next day I came down with what we lovingly call the plague. I missed an entire week of work, and barely managed to call my immediate family members to tell them I was engaged as I was so incredibly sick.

    To add insult to injury, two weeks later after finally recoverin the ceiling collapsed in our apartment. Suffice to say, the start to our engagement was not perfect, but I'm lucky to have a wonderful man to help me get through it all!

  • FI and I were in DC around the holidays celebrating our anniversary.  We got there later than expected due to traffic and snow, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. FI kept bugging me to get ready because he had a dinner reservation and wanted to see the White House Christmas Tree.

    I kept putting off getting ready since I was not in the mood, and the finally told FI that it was too cold and I wasn't going. He used every excuse possible to try to convince me to go short of begging, then started laughing. FI told me that I was impossible, that he loved me, and he expects nothing less for the rest of our lives together; and asked me on the spot!

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  • I always said I wanted to be proposed to in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. I really love the atmosphere of the Christmas season in New York. When my FI told me he was taking me to see the tree on Christmas day, I thought  the proposal may be coming.
    When we arrived to the city and parked the car, we could not find the tree. We are native New Yorkers, have worked in the city for years and we could not find the tree! I couldn't believe it. It was like we were walking in circles. On top of that, it began drizzling rain. I thought maybe it was a sign. I turned around to go home, and when my FI said adamantly "we are going to see the tree and not turning back" I definitely knew he was going to propose.
    We finally did make it to the tree, he proposed and of course I said yes. I found out that earlier that day he asked my father's permission which I thought was really sweet. When I look back on it, I actually consider that day to be the happiest day of my life and I wouldn't have changed anything.
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  • My FI and I were planning a cabin trip with our friends Memorial Day Weekend and since he was working late the day we were going to drive up he asked me to pack up his bags for him.
    As I was packing I couldn't find his long johns anywhere so I searched his entire closet and came across a beautiful red box, it was the same red box my diamond earrings came in last Christmas so I figured that he has just kept the box... so I opened it... and there it was.... my ring.

    I dropped everything and stared at it for about 40 mins, I EVEN TRIED IT ON!!! I didn't know what to do or say. I am all about Karma so I thought OMG! Now that I know it's never going to happen. It also had the insurance and it was bought a month in advance!! All I could think of was... why has he waited to long?! Haha

    So I put it back just in time for him to get home...

    He brought the ring with him and proposed on the top of a mountain, I didn't even know he grabbed it before I left so I was in complete shock, I thought, well he waited a month to buy it so he probably is going to do it on my birthday or something... NOPE ...

    Now I have my beautiful ring  :)

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  • FI and I went to Disneyland to have dinner at the Blue Bayou (which is inside the Piarets of the Carrabiean ride inside the park) for our 2 year anniversary. Me, being the girl that I am, wanted to dress up since it was our anniversary. I wore a nice sun dress and FI wore a sweat with a white button down under it.

    After dinner FI suggested we get our picture taken by the photopass guy in front of the castle and I agreed because how often do you fo to Disneyland dressed up. We walked over to the castle but could not find the photopass guy. We went to the photopass store on Main Street and was told that he would not be back until 10 pm, that was almost an hour and a half away. FI said he still wanted to wait for him so I agreed even though I was cold and had work early the next morning. We went on a few rides and waited til 10. When they guy returned he proposed in front of the castle and have the photopass guy capture it for us. It was well worth the wait.
  • We were up north for a short vacation in the Duluth area. My now fiance proposed while we were on a beach of Lake Superior. It was beautiful and I was NOT expecting it. I ruined the moment... and while he was still on one knee waiting for my answer I said, "Are you f-ing with me?" (except I dropped the F bomb). It just slipped out, I was so suprised. Of course, I said yes after that but I still feel terrible for letting that slip out.
    He laughed about it and still does.
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  • Haha....

    Well my Fi had been planning on taking me flying for some time - we had two failed attempts before our first flight on 5-8-10.  We got to the airport and he was having a really hard time checking out the plane he had rented and was getting really frustrated (keep in mind the wind was gusting to 45mph and we were going out in a little plane). 

    I finally said call the contact he had - he did and was able to get it fixed and they were nice enough to extend out the reservation so we could still go.  The plan was do to a "hundred dollar breakfast."  Basically pilots will rent a plane fly to an airport land, and eat at a restaurant at that airport and fly back.  Our plan was to fly to Urbana, OH from Columbus, OH get breakfast and fly back.

    Well the wind ate up our time since it was gusting so bad - Jeff said it was the fastest take off he ever had - within 50 feet we were airborn.  Instead of landing we circled the Urbana airport - it was 45 min to fly to Urbana and only 10 to fly back.

    On the return trip Jeff asked if it was what I had expected.  I said in a way it was neat to fly over familiar things and off the normal corporate flight path in and out of Port Columbus Airport.  Well as I was talking he pulled out a ring and asked if I would marry him.  I knew it was coming at some point (not during the flight) and busted into tears.

    The funniest part of it all is we went to kiss and me never have flown before was not used to the microphone on the headset.  Jeff and I went to kiss - FAIL...the headsets were in our way - but I didn't feel too bad since he didn't move his either.

    I guess it was a rocky start - checking out the plane, the flight being delayed, not being able to get breakfast, and our first kiss failed after the proposal, but I think for years to come that failed kiss will do nothing but put a cheesy smile on my face.

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  • I know I'm coming in on this a little late, but thought I'd share anyway...

    The proposal was awesome, we went to a park that we'd stopped at on our first date that has an awesome view of the city, and he totally surprised me with a ring he'd picked out by himself. He did have to make an excuse as to why we were going through that neighborhood though. "Ugh, I forgot my wallet at work so we have to go get it before we go out for this nice impromptu dinner..."

    Afterward, he told me what his original plan was. We were both very excited to see U2 play in Minneapolis. We had the whole day planned with lunch and drinks before hand, and he was going to suggest walking to the park which was going to be right in the neighborhood. Then... Bono got hurt and the whole part of the tour was postponed. So when he sent me a text saying that the concert was going to be postponed, he was even more crushed than I realized.
  • My fiance technically had a proposal planned out first but because I HATE surprises and he was making fun of me that he figured the perfect one out it drove me nuts and I relentlessly begged him for hints (bad of me I know) and he gave in saying that he would do it when he came to see me in DC and we could go sightseeing. I dont know why but i knew exactly where he was going to do it and asked him if that was it and he freaked because i figured every piece out (he had planned to propose to me at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum right in front of the Hope Diamond). He was so mad that I ruined it that he wouldnt talk to me for a few hours, but he forgave me and ended up giving me a more perfect proposal at the edge of a cliff overlooking our entire town where we were all alone taking pictures and he proposed. It was perfect because it was him and I and we were alone and it was so romantic and I squealed and was so happy I dont think I ever really said yes. So I guess the first part was my fault, but he made my erorr into an amazing proposal to start our life with.
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