Just Engaged and Proposals

Just Engaged!

I really thought FI was going to propose while we are on vacation (right now), but h surprised me a couple days before we left. He was kind of nervous taking the ring through customs and TSA...thought I might see it, etc.
And besides he said my family really needed something to celebrate. Auuuwww, it really has been a rough month. My father passed away a couple weeks ago. I'm having a really hard time with him not being able to walk me down the aisle, but as if that were not enough, we've had one problem after another: Blizzard weather, car breaking down in sub zero weather, dog needing to be rushed to the vet, etc. 

FI is incredibly romantic, so I was a bit disappointed in the proposal, but I'm SO happy! He lives three hours from my house and came to visit for the weekend. Mom is starting to realize she needs a more manageable place to live now and found something, so we wanted to drive by it. When we got back, mom got out of the car and he popped the question right there in the car!
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